1. rise, rise to one's feet, get up; remain upright, hold oneself erect, be vertical.
2. set upright, place on end, upend; set, position, place, put.
3.(usu. imperative) halt, stop, pause, come to a halt or standstill.
4. last, continue on, continue to exist, persist, per-dure; endure, be steadfast, be constant, be permanent; be durable, wear, wear well, stand up.
5. remain, remain in force, obtain, be the case, hold, hold good; abide, stay.
6. face, encounter, meet, meet with; undergo, experience, submit to.
7. withstand, endure, resist, tolerate, brave, breast, suffer; bear, weather, hold out against, cope with, handle.
8. stand by
a. uphold, support, defend, stand or stick up for, go to bat for, take the side of, stand behind.b. adhere to, affirm, stick with; repeat, reiterate; stick to one's guns.c. wait, hold on, tarry, bide one's time; be patient.
9. stand for
a. represent, symbolize, exemplify, illustrate; embody, personify, typify, epitomize; be the equivalent of, be regarded as.b. advocate, favor, countenance, support, back, second; champion, defend, sponsor, promote; speak in favor of, argue for, uphold; subscribe to, take the side of, fall in with, lend one's name to, take up or espouse the cause of.c.Informal. allow, permit, sanction, put up with, hear of, countenance, approve of; tolerate, suffer, brook, abide, acquiesce in; swallow, stomach, digest, pocket; condone, forgive, overlook.
10. stand out
a. project, protrude, jut out, stick out, poke out; extend, bulge, obtrude, excurve; overhang, beetle.b. be conspicuous, be prominent, be noticeable; be extraordinary, be singular.
11. stand up to
confront, meet boldly, defy, face in defiance; question, dispute, challenge, oppugn.
12. stance, posture, carriage, bearing, port.
13. defensive effort, resistance, opposition, withstanding, counteraction; repulsion, repulse, front, rebuff; defiance, refusal, oppugnancy.
14. policy, position, line; attitude, point of view, viewpoint, way of seeing things; principle, doctrine, belief, assertion, contention; feeling, sentiment, way of thinking, opinion, philosophy; plan, plan of action, Inf. game plan, strategy.
15. station, post; place, location, locale, spot, site, ground.
16. platform, dais, pulpit, rostrum, podium, lecturn, stage; reviewing stand, gallery, box; witness stand, Chiefly Brit. witness box.
17. stands
grandstand; bleachers, box seats, Inf. boxes, clubhouse.
18. table, counter, stall, booth, display case; rack, frame, shelf, bracket, support.
19. grove, copse, Chiefly Brit. coppice, thicket, brake, Brit. spinney, covert, pinery, Southwestern U.S. chapparal; orchard, orangery; wood, woods, woodland.
20. performance, show; engagement, appearance; run, stay, stopover.

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